Youngest Children

You hated being referred to as the “baby in the family” even when you were 26, right? Take a look back now with me and see some other reasons why youngest children think they have it the toughest.

5 Things Youngest Children Wish They Could Change

1. You never get to pick the game, toy, or destination. The older siblings always make the decisions and you have to just go along with them or you won’t get to partake in the activities.
2. You get left behind when the “older kids” get to go on adventures.
3. You have a name and it doesn’t start with “Baby…”
4. If your older siblings got into a lot of trouble, your parents might be wise to all the tricks and you won’t be able to get away with anything.
5. You never get all your parents attention until you are a teenager and everyone else has moved out of the house. By that time, you wish your parents would give you less attention, not more.

See what those oldest children complain about.

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