Youngest Child

Are you the youngest child in your family? If so, do you agree or disagree with the points below in this latest in this humorous series of birth order observations.

5 Good Things About Being The Youngest Child

1. Older brothers and sisters have their driver’s licenses when you are still in elementary school and your parents make them take you everywhere you and your friends need to go.
2. You can rely on older siblings to take care of neighborhood bullies ( or at least rely on the threat of telling them about the bullying behavior).
3. You’ll always be youngest and the cutest so you naturally will get more attention from grandparents and other relatives.
4. Your parents are word down from years of disciplining children. They will be more relaxed and permissive with their youngest child.
5. Growing up, you get lots of extra people to help take care of you.

In the next related blog entry, we’ll explore the advantages of being the oldest child.

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