You Can’t Do That On Television

While I was writing an entry the other day giving applause to Nickelodeon for their recent support of kids being active, I thought of “way back when” I first heard of Nickeklodeon.

When I was a kid and most areas were just getting cable, we were introduced to this channel and a sketch show for kids. Who remembers You Can’t do That On Television? It was like Saturday night Live for children.

Even after all these years, I can still remember several things about it. I know it was produced in Canada. The cast members loved to call Christine “moose” instead of her name. The opposite sketches were a lot of fun. “Where does the board of education find them and why do they send them to me?” was a line used at the end of all the school sketches.

Perhaps viewers’ favorite part was one cast member tricking another into saying, “I don’t know.” You know what that meant! Green slime was about to rain down on the person! I understand that green slime and even other colors are still a signature of the network.

I wonder what ever happened to the You Can’t Do That On Television cast. Have you heard anything about them or seen them anywhere? What are your memories of the show?

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