Freeze It Wrist Pain Relief

I received a sample of a topical pain relief gel product called Freeze It in the mail the other day. It could not have arrived at a better time. I noticed my wrists have been aching more and more lately. The constant typing really does a take a toll on them, especially on the right one because that is the hand I use to work the mouse as well.

Before I opened the package, I noticed on the back of it that it said it was made by the same company that makes Zim’s Crack Crème. That was a good sign because I already know of two quality products from them. The Crack Crème itself was a big hit in the last office I worked in. Despite its name that made some co-workers snicker, they were always stopping by the desk of the person who bought it and looking for the tube. It does an awesome job on dry, cracked skin around the fingernails, especially the type you get in the winter or in occupations in which your hands are exposed to the elements. The other product I use from Zim’s is their antibacterial hand foam that comes in a plastic pump.

Based on my previous experience, I had high hopes for the Freeze It pain relief gel. I am happy to report that my faith was justified! As soon as I put it on my wrist, I could feel the relief right away. I only started with a very small amount (just on the top of my wrist because I didn’t know if would be greasy and get on the wrist rest while I typed) and it took the pain away for more than an hour and a half. That’s great because it will save money since a little will clearly go a long way. It turned out that it wasn’t greasy at all (which the package said, but I wanted to find out for myself to be sure) so the next time I used it, I did put a little on the bottom part of my wrist too.

Here’s a picture of the Freeze It packet and where I type all these fun entries! (Notice how the wrist rest is falling apart from overuse and you can see where all this wrist pain from typing comes from.)

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