World Series Game

After watching World Series Game 2 and World Series Game 3 of the Boston Red Sox versus the Colorado Rockies, I wanted to share a list of things I thought of that kids could learn from watching the competition.

1. Follow Your Dreams – I thought it was great when the announcer mentioned that one of the rookies recently said just five years ago he was at home playing video games watching the professional players on TV and now he is out there on the field with them.

2. Good Sportsmanship – in an era when professional athletes are not necessarily known for displaying good sportsmanship, I saw only professional and mature behavior from the players.

3. Teamwork – Although baseball is different from other sports such as soccer and which I would classify as an even stronger team sports because the ball is passed among players more often, the teamwork is still a valuable lesson here. Also, baseball fosters appreciation in the aspect of teamwork regarding every player making a contribution based on his strengths to the team effort. No team wins a baseball game without having strong pitching, batting, and fieldwork.

What would you add to the list?

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