Words To Live By

In this ongoing review series of the Total Transformation program, I have shared some inspirational quotes and one-liners that I remembered from looking at the material. These are much more important than just snappy quotes than one might hear on a popular sitcom. The reason I feel compelled to relay the quotes on the blog is because they have so much meaning behind them.

They are almost deceptively simple in that when you hear them, you may nod in agreement and be tempted to move on to your next thought. However, if you dwell on them for a bit, you will realize how profound they actually are.

The quote that inspired this blog entry is, “Disrespectful, obnoxious, abusive kids become disrespectful, obnoxious, abusive adults.”

It’s easy for a parent to say, “That’s true,” and then forget about it. If that quote applies to your child, then forgetting about it or dismissing it would be doing a terrible injustice to the child and to society at large. It certainly isn’t going to improve things in your household either.

Get more of Mr. Lehman’s words of wisdom by getting your look at the complete Total Transformation Course material.

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