Wonderful New Children’s Book

We have been talking about top toys for Christmas in recent posts and we should also be mentioning children’s books. In fact, Time Magazine recently did a small article on new children’s books that you should consider as gifts this year. After we finish discussing the top toys, we’ll give more attention to Time’s recommendations.

In the meantime, here’s a new children’s book that wasn’t on the list, but should’ve been. The book is titled Clara’s Gift From The Heart and is written by a former colleague of mine named Mary-Kyle Douglas. The story is about young girl named Clara’s who refuses to brush her long hair. She must then deal with the consequences that result from her decision.

Purchasing this book this holiday season is also a way to donate money to a worthy cause that helps children because part of the publishers’s profits goes to Locks of Love, an organization that gives hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long term medical hair loss.

You can purchase Clara’s Gift From The Heart from Amazon.com through this link.

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