Wireless Cell Phone Headsets

When I got my last cell phone, it seemed like wireless headsets were really gaining traction in the market since the salesperson was pushing them and there were several displays in the store as well as detail cards on phones highlighting compatability.

Are they any good? I would like to hear (so to speak) some comments and reactions from readers to see who has made the jump to this Bluetooth wireless headset revolution. While we are at it, does anyone know why they called the product “Bluetooth?”

Since the wireless headsets are quite a bit more expensive than traditional ones, I’d love to hear your opinion on if the difference is worth it.

Also, have you ever had to replace a wireless cell headset? I have gone through several regular cell phone headsets which really surprises me. You can tell by looking at them how thin the wires are. (Of course people probably want the wires to be thin so they look better and are lightweight so it doesn’t feel like the headset is pulling your head to one side.) I don’t think it takes much for the wires in them to broken or separated from their internal connectors.

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