Win A Nintendo Wii

Parents, if your kids have been bugging you to get them a Wii and you haven’t done it yet because of the price, this entry has information about a site that has the chance for you win a Nintendo Wii.

While you’re there, you can also check out their new Internet service. They are having an auction for lifetime Internet service. It will be interesting to see what the final price is that someone bids for that. Please note that in order to bid, you have to live in an area that Charter, the company sponsoring the sweepstakes, services.

Anyway, I know you are psyched right now about the Wii sweepstakes so here is some more information. In addition the console itself, they are also giving away other components to the winner. They include: two different controllers, five sports games, and wires, adapters, etc. The games are boxing, baseball, tennis, golf, and bowling. (I have actually played tennis, baseball, and bowling on the Wii. I liked the action of the games, but I would prefer that the characters looked more human and less caricature-like, but most people probably prefer them the way they are.)

Here is the link that you need to get the details:

UPDATE: This is an old blgo entry from 2008 and the contest has now ended so the link was no longer active.

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