Whale Watching In Boston

I’ve previously written about things to do in Las Vegas and today I am turning to other coast to talk about things to do in Boston.

I have been to Boston several times and have lots of stories so it’s hard to pick just one. Perhaps the best was a whale watching tour that left from the wharf area next to the New England Aquarium. The first thing I noticed was how comfortable the boat was. I was impressed that there was a snack bar and mini-restaurant area. I didn’t actually get anything, but other people seemed to be enjoying it.

The whale watching tour company offers a guarantee that if you don’t see a whale, you get a free ticket to go back another time. The first time we went, we didn’t see any whales. The your guide had sad they were active in that same area in the tour earlier in the day, but we had no luck. Sure enough, as we exited, the tour company employees apologized for our bad luck and gave us free tickets!

We really weren’t really that disappointed since we got the nice boat ride and some amazing pictures of the Boston skyline from the water. The fact, that I knew we could go back again anytime for free was a big plus.

We went back the next summer and that time we ended up going farther north along the coast than originally planned because the whales weren’t where they thought they would be. The employees announced their guarantee of free tickets and some passengers said they didn’t believe them! I was able to assure them that I was traveling that day as a result of the guarantee.

The good news is when we went farther north, we found a group pf whales feeding in the waters. We saw several different kinds and learned a lot about them from the tour guides because they are also researchers keeping tabs on the whales feeding and migration habits. After the whale watching boat returned, we ended up having dinner at a semi-expensive Italian restaurant in the North End and then getting pastry at one of the famous bakeries there.

Will whale watching be on your agenda when you visit Boston?

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