Wendy’s Memories

Ok, I decided to do one more entry in this series of fast food advertising memories from childhood.


I don’t think I ever went to a Wendy’s until I was in high school or maybe in even college.  Nonetheless, I can picture two sets of commercials.


1.  Is there anyone who was alive in the 80’s who, when hearing about Wendy’s,  still doesn’t automatically think of Clara Peller saying, “Where’s the beef?”  Wendy’s should rerun those exact commercials right now with not a single change and I bet they would take pop culture by storm again.


2. The series of commercials with Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas…he did so many that I don’t remember any particular one, just the fact that he did them.

 Your turn:  Any Wendy’s advertising memories that you would like to share?

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