Ways To Waste Money

Companies can certainly think up more ways for people to waste their money! What amazes me is that so many people willingly hand it over to them.

What prompted me to write this entry was that I had come across a dustpan and brush set that retails for $18! That’s what this post is about – how crazy it is to pay that price for a dustpan and brush.

I originally had information on the particular set, but I decided not to include it this time for one simple reason. I see no sense in helping someone advertise that item for free. With all the profit the company m ust be making from that price point, they can afford their own advertising.

When you consider that fact that you can purchase a dustpan and brush set for a few dollars at your local supermarket and for a mere one dollar at a dollar store, it seems to me that it’s a little outrageous to spend the better part of a twenty dollar bil on such an item.

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