Walk On Water This Summer

Can you believe that you can walk on water this summer?

All this writing about summer water toys (as well as pool toys and backyard water slide ) is making me wish I still had a pool. However, I don’t miss the water monitoring and the pool vacuuming, that’s for sure. Of course, these days, they have automatic pool vacuums and remote controlled pool skimmers, but that’s another post.

Let’s get back to today’s topic. How would you like to be able to walk on water? Unlike magician Criss Angel who recently walked on water in an episode of Las Vegas and an episode of his own show, Mindfreak, you won’t be able to do so barefoot! However, with the aid of some modern and less expensive than one would expect summer water toys, you can indeed walk on water!

Have you heard of the Walk-On-Water Ball? This one is so large that it is nto for pools,.but actually for open water. It inflates into a 6 foot sphere that kids (or adults – the maximum weight is 170 pounds) can get inside and walk or run in. The sphere floats in the water allowing the person to move across the water in the direction he or she wants to go. If you have two of them, they can be used for races.

The other item is called the Hydrofoil Water Scooter. Users stand on a small platform and hold on to handlebars. They then hope or jump up and down and that propels the scooter to move across the water! The user can control the directions of course because the handlebars connect to a front piece that guides the water scooter as it skims along the water’s surface. The description says that you can make it go as fast as seventeen miles per hour. It also provides an excellent workout.

Next in this water toy series: I’ll talk about water relaxation and water exercise products for parents to enjoy while the kids are splashing around on all the other toys I’ve mentioned over the previous posts.

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