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Here’s a fun entry just to reminisce a bit.

How many of you remember V? It was the story of The Visitors, aliens who came to earth supposedly for peaceful means, but were really here to steal water and process humans as food. There was V: The Original miniseries (just called V of course before there were any sequels) at fours in length, then V: The Final Battle at six hours long, then the entire full season of the show with 19 episodes.

All of those mentioned above are available on DVD. I was recently watching the DVD’s and remembered the big cliffhanger scene one night. It was the one in which pregnant Robin Maxwelll gave birth to twins. The first baby born looked human, but sent everyone in the operating room into shock when the baby opened her mouth and a reptilian tongue darted out. If that wasn’t visually stunning enough, it was the final scene of the evening that had everyone talking in school the next day. The doctors backed away from her in horror and another baby crawled out and stuck its head over the blanket. That one was green and covered in skin more like that of a lizard. It also had an enormous mouth filled with teeth, similar in shape to a crocodile.

Remember the days when network TV could have everyone in America talking the next day?

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