Using Powdered Milk

Have you ever considered using powdered milk as a substitute for buying regular milk or as a convenient item to have in the kitchen or pantry for those times when you run out of regular milk and can’t easily get to the store to replenish your supply?

First, taste-wise, I think there is a big difference. I don’t think powdered milk is as good as regular. In its favor, powdered milk has a much longer shelf life and is not prone to such easy spoilage as is milk bought in liquid form. That can make a big difference to both convenience and the bottom monetary line. When it comes to saving money, one of the biggest enemies to that goal is throwing away spoiled food and beverage products. In the case of disposing of spoiled liquids, you are literally throwing money down the drain.

Another use of powdered milk is in various recipes so it is good to keep some on hand for that purpose. The package I had also suggests that you can add powdered milk to other foods in order to boost your calcium intake.

Overall, I would give it a “worth it” rating, but I would not rely on this form of milk exclusively.

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