Uptown Saturday Night

I think it’s great when communities gold creative events that get people out of their houses to experience cultural activities in their towns or cities. It’s great to see people getting away from their television sets for an evening and actually interacting with their neighbors.

One such event is called Uptown Saturday Night and is held in St. Augustine, Florida. It gives residents a visitors a look into St. Augustine shopping that includes rare books, antiques, and artwork. As a real outdoor community event, there is even street music to keep people entertained as they wander from store to store. Stores also host open houses with refreshments to really add to the cordial atmosphere.

The Uptown Saturday Night event is held twice a year on the last Saturday of October and the last Saturday of November. This year those dates are October 27 and November 24. The time to experience the fun is between 5 PM and 9 PM.

In addition to the fact that people can meet authors at book signings and artists who are displaying their works, something else also caught my attention. That was the fact that among the antiques, one might find authentic Spanish treasure! With all the Pirates of the Caribbean fans out there, some authentic period piece would truly be a one of a kinf Christmas present.

What similar events take place in your area?

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