Unique Baby Names

Here’s one of those news stories that forces the reader to make a choice as to which side to support. There are arguments to be made for both sides.

This unique baby name controversy comes from the fact that a couple in New Zealand want to name their baby 4Real which they were “inspired” to do when they saw the sonogram results and felt it made the baby seem “for real” to them for the first time.

The government of New Zealand blocked the birth registration with that name because it violated the rule that names of babies must contain only alphabetic characters. The outraged couple is now making international headlines and said they will make the official name of the baby Superman, but will continue to refer to him in their lives as 4Real.

OK, one can say that parents have the right to name their babies whatever they like. On the other hand, can we please have a modicum of common sense from these people? Unique baby names are interesting and all that, but let’s remember that these babies will become children forced to be stuck with a name that will draw them unwanted attention for many years.

If parents are so enamored of unique names, I suggest they stick to more traditional choices for their babies and legally change their own names to the wild choices.

What do you think?

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