Troubled Teens

Continuing with this series of blog posts about helped for troubled teens, let’s look at another site today that highlights schools for troubled teens as well as other related subjects. starts site visitors off with a magazine style quiz and accompanying “grading” scale. The purpose of the quiz is to help parents determine the severity of the problems they are facing with their teens and therefore determine how drastic the measures should be that they might want to consider.

As mentioned above, one area the site emphasizes is teen for boarding schools for extreme cases. The site lists those aspects of improvement with which a boarding school should help. The site just gives parents a quick overview of topics, but invites them to call for more information with a toll free number as well a website form that parents can full out with information particular to their situation in order to receive a referral to an appropriate teen help program.

I like the page on the site labeled “Suggestions For Families.” It has a section about establishing rules and how they should then be followed as well as what should happen when a rule is broken. I think this is valuable for parents to get a reminder of how to handle rules. Let’s face it, teenagers think they are serving the greater good by challenging every rule with which they are presented. Parents need to know that they are establishing and enforcing household rules for a reason.

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