Traveling With Someone Else’s Kids

I’ve noticed that people are finding the site by looking for information about traveling with someone else’s kids. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a post devoted to that topic. People are finding the blog based on a combination of those words.

So for all those searching for this particular topic, this post is just for you.

The best advice you can receive is to avoid the situation if you can. Make alternate plans. Meet the family at the destination. Wait until the kids are older and can stay with someone else while you and the parents travel.

If circumstances force you to travel with someone else’s kids, then you will have of make the best of it. This is going to mean biting your tongue and keeping your opinions to yourself (however correct they may be) when it comes to observing the parenting choices and parenting style you will witness. You will find that traveling with a family for even a few days is very different than observing the family while visiting for an evening or an afternoon. Spending so much time with them is bound to reveal parenting techniques with which you don’t agree. If you want to preserve your friendship or family relationship with the parents, be prepared to be silent.

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