Traveling With Kids

If you are getting ready to travel with kids this summer, then you need to prepare to find a way to keep them occupied during the long drive, train ride, flight etc.
Here are three tips. They’re fun, simple, and free.

1. Play the license plate game – While on the highway, every one takes turns making up phrases to go with letters in the license plates. For example if a plate starts with AJ, then the person would say, “Apple Juice.”

2. For an even higher level of creativity (perfect if you are encouraging your kids to become writers someday), play a game in which you make up a quick story to go with various people that you see walking by in the airport or train station. For example, if you see a woman nervously walking around, the story could be that she is frantically looking for a lost winning lottery ticket.

3. Play 20 questions.

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