Travel With Kids

I just read an article about traveling with kids titled Protect Me From the Grown-Ups. It appeared on the AOL travel site and is credited to an AP writer, Beth Harpaz. I looked into it a little more and found it on the Yahoo news site and the writer was identified as the AP Travel Editor.

(Update: It’s a shame that some of these online news sites don’t keep their stories archived. They no longer have the article archived at the link I found it originally.)

I have news for the AP Travel Editor. There are more things wrong with her opinions in that article than there are words in the article itself! It will take several blog entries to go over it step by step and deconstruct exactly why the attitudes she has lead to the poor parenting skills we all witness day after day after day everywhere we go.

I’m just going to start with her first sentence which says, “I’m starting to think there’s a backlash against traveling families.” There is no “backlash” against traveling families.

The word “backlash” has a negative connotation and implies that those doing the “blacklashing,” so to speak, are in the wrong. It’s more accurate to say there is new awareness and “intolerance” of traveling parents that can’t control their kids or can’t follow rules.

Stay tuned. There is way more to come in future posts about this starting with this one: Travel With Children.

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