Travel With Children

This entry is a continuation of the previous entry entitled Travel With Kids that was a reaction to a recent article in which a writer claimed she would rather put up with misbehaving noisy kids on planes than misbehaving adults.

The problem with that attitude is that she has completely branded the terrible behavior of the kids as acceptable by switching the reader’s focus to all the inappropriate adult passengers. While I agree that adult passengers on planes can be just as much of a problem, I won’t excuse the kids bad behavior either and neither should anyone else.

As long as airline passengers keep putting up with it, it is going to keep happening. I’ve witnessed it.

I was once on a plane seated in front of a woman and her daughter. As soon as the engines started to roar to life, the girl started to scream. I don’t mean let out a little whine, I mean SCREAM as in horror movie, blue bloody murder, ear piercing screeching at the top of her lungs.

This noise continued as the plane taxied on the runway and as it ascended. She would continually breathe in and scream out, breathe in, scream out.

It went on for about ten minutes to fifteen minutes total until the plane started to reach level flying. It actually only stopped because the child exhausted herself.

There are no excuses for other passengers to be subjected to that in any way, shape, or form. That is unacceptable!

The discussion continues in Travel Headaches .

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