Travel Headaches

This is the third entry in a series responding to an article about putting up (or not putting up with, as the case may be) other people’s children on airplane flights.

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Today’s entry reacts to the part of the story dealing with the suggestion that airlines do more to entertain children on flights including: “giving them play packs, Game Boys, sugarless gum, and water bottles.”

On the surface, that sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? However, think about it a little more and notice what has happened here, as always happens with people who can’t control their own children.

The author shifted the responsibility of taking care of her kids to the airline, and by extension, to society. Why should an airline be responsible for providing toys? Parents can bring their own darn toys!

There is no reason for the airline to incur the cost of providing and maintaining a fleet of toys. Of course, by airline, I mean all the other passengers since their tickets would cost more in order to pay for the toys.

(The author would probably lead a protest march if an airline took her suggestion and then charged a fee for the children’s entertainment pack. Like parenting skills, she thinks that it’s somebody else’s responsibility.)

In the next and final entry in the series, titled Bad Parenting, I’ll share a reader’s reaction to all this.

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