Total Transformation

I know some readers have been waiting patiently for the next installment of the Total Transformation Review series of blog entries. I have started to go through the program. The next set of entries will talk about my reactions to the introductory DVD.

In the last entry titled Parenting Hotline, I talked about opening the outer package and how impressed I was with the presentation of the materials. I was not disappointed when I opened the inner package either. There were little touches that made me feel right away that I was dealing with a quality company that really cares about its customers successfully using what they purchased.

There was a handy magnet with the toll free number of the parental support line. I like how they included that in a form that you could keep somewhere accessible for when you needed it. There were a total of 2 DVD’s and 8 audio CD’s as well as a workbook. Everything was clearly numbered with instructions in reference to the order in which the materials should be used.

In the next entry, I’ll talk about the introductory DVD. Read on for more or check out the official course page and the special offer.

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