Total Transformation Workbook

This entry is a critique of the workbook that accompanies the Total Transformation Parenting Program.

I liked how the author tells you upfront to take things slowly and do one lesson a week rather than trying to read through the whole workbook and listen to all the audio CD’s over a day a day or two period because you are so enthusiastic after watching the first DVD. That is very wise advice because I have been through the first lesson and there is a lot of valuable material to absorb. Also, since each skill set builds on the one before it, you need to go through the lessons in order if you want the techniques to work.

As readers may know, I have a degree in Education and I have also worked in corporate training so whenever I look at material intended to impart knowledge, I immediately evaluate it to see if it is structured correctly. (You would be shocked at the amount of “training material” out there on the Net and in the offline world that is completely useless and could never teach anything to anyone.) Happily for parents, the Total Transformation workbook is a model in instructional efficiency. Here are the steps:
· Pre-test
· Introduction (that states objectives)
· Material presented
· Application of material (parents practice and reinforce what they’ve learned)
· Evaluation (post-test as it is called here)

Read more in Total Transformation Workbook Part 2 or get your preview of the program today.

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