Total Transformation Workbook Part 2

I had to break this entry up because it was getting a little long. If you missed the first part, it’s available at Total Transformation Workbook.

I pointed out before that the author makes sure people understand that they need to go through each lesson, one week at a time. First learning the material and then applying it for the full week in real life situations with their own kids.

I think it is important to point out that neither this, nor any other program results in overnight results. There are no magic wands in this game. We’re talking about changing behavior that has been learned and (unfortunately) reinforced perhaps for ten or fifteen years. That’s why the use of the word “transform” is completely appropriate in this context. The word transform implies a gradual process of one thing becoming another. Think of a kettle of water slowly boiling away becoming steam or a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.
“Transformation” is also the perfect concept for this because James Lehman talks about his own life and how his behavior changed. It’s a very interesting story and shows you the power of how can people change when given (or in rare cases when they seek out on their own) the appropriate circumstances and support.

Finally, I think parents will appreciate the magazine style quiz in the front of the workbook that asks them questions about how they interact with their children and how their children behave. It is very comprehensive and might even be frightening to some parents when they realize what a mess they have on their hands. The workbook balances fears by promising that the material in the lessons will teach parents what everything means and more importantly, teach them how to change the situations.

See Workbook Part 3 for my opinion on the design of the book or get your own copy via this free offer link and put the program to use in your household today.

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