Total Transformation Theory In Action

I will be the first to admit that this observation of a Total Transformation theory occurred in the most unlikely of places.

One of the topics covered in my Total Transformation Program review series from the first lesson in the course talked about how kids learn to control situations by manipulating their parents and other adults with actual threats or implied threats that when parents try to enforce rules, the kids will bring about negative consequences. (An example would be when a child at the mall says to the mother, “Buy me that cookie or I’ll throw a fit.”) In order for the parents to avoid dealing with the negative consequences, they stop trying to enforce rules. Guess what…chaos ensures.

Anyway, last night I was watching an episode of the old television show I Dream of Jeannie. (I warned you this was about an unlikely place to find Total Transformation comparisons!) In the episode, Jeannie had written a book about good parenting and put Major Nelson’s name on it. He was then roped into straightening out naughty children who were the relatives of his co-workers.

One kid was said to have gone through three psychiatrists and still could not be made to behave. Upon meeting Major Nelson, he told him that no matter how bad he behaved, adults only ever spanked him once. Major Nelson asked him why and the kid replied that anytime someone spanked him, he would set fire to something!

Although it was a sitcom script and the laugh track went off after the character delivered his line, it was still the perfect illustration of a Total Transformation theory in action. That kid had trained the adults around him not to attempt to discipline him in order for them to avoid his reactions to the discipline. As a result, he became unmanageable.

Your kids may not be setting fire to anything (let’s hope and thank goodness), but think about it for a moment. Have they found more subtle ways to control YOUR behavior?

Find out how to take back control of your household.

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