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This is the final blog entry about the first Total Transformation lesson in the Total Transformation reviews category.

After seeing how many concepts are packed into just the first lesson of the material, I was thinking that parents might be overwhelmed. Interestingly, the workbook also acknowledges that possibility and advises that parents take whole week of thinking about your specific situation and applying what you learned before moving on to the next lesson. It is a matter of taking one step at a time and dealing with one of your child’s actions at a time.

My final thought on the chapter is that you may read through the material and, at first glance, think you already knew it all anyway. In fact, that is one of the major criticisms that people make about the Total Transformation program, techniques, methods, and even philosophy. They say it is all common sense so why would anybody need to purchase a therapists’s program for parenting.

What’s common sense parenting to one person may not be common sense parenting to another. Everybody comes from different backgrounds. If the parenting skills of one’s own parents were not optimal, they can’t be expected to magically pick up parenting skills from thin air. The other interesting thing about that type of criticism is that people who believe they “know it all” about parenting shouldn’t have been spending their time looking up parenting help books and programs in the first place. If they were seeking out parenting help, then obviously they didn’t know it all!

Anyway, when you hear the explanations and discussions of child behavior on the audio CD, you’ll be thinking about what all your kid’s behaviors really mean and it will be like entering a whole new world.

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