Total Transformation Scam

Because the publishers of The Total Transformation Program of child behavior modification have created an offer to refund the purchase price of the Total Transformation Program (subject to providing the company with a detailed feedback survey) this has resulted in an increase of people wondering if the entire Total Transformation Program is a scam.

Total Transformation Program Feedback Survey Offer

There has been a noteworthy development in reference to The Total Transformation Program. In the past, you may remember hearing the radio ads or seeing the TV advertising (perhaps even the lengthier infomercials) which talked about the company that publishes the program offering a 30 day free trial with a money back guarantee.

They now have a new offer that is very interesting and should appeal to parents who are searching for help with their kids and teens in difficult parenting situations and who may also be constrained by budgetary concerns.

This new offer actually allows purchasers to receive a complete refund of the program (minus the shipping & handling charges) if they fill out and return a completed feedback survey. They of course, get to keep the program materials which consist of DVD’s, audio CD’s, and workbook and even a handy little magnet that contains the Parental Support Help Line phone number.

Company Offers Refund Of Purchase Price – Is The Total Transformation A Scam

I can imagine this whole survey offer actually causing some people to ask if the Total Transformation Program is a scam because of this. Their reasoning will be that a company can’t stay in business very long if it refunds the full purchase price of its items to all its customers.

That sounds intriguing on the surface, but the fact of the matter is that most consumers simply don’t bother to fill out and mail in rebate forms. (I do and so should you.)

Anyway, most people don’t bother to do that, so corporations of all sorts can legitimately offer rebates on everything from automobiles to software purchases, from computers and cell phones to common grocery store items knowing they can honor the rebate requests they actually do receive and still make a healthy profit. Although this offer is a little unusual in that the rebate is the full purchase price, that certainly doesn’t make the entire company and its products into scams.

I haven’t seen the survey so I don’t know how detailed it is or how much work it takes to complete it.

Very Important Note: I haven’t seen the survey because it is a new marketing offer they’ve just added. I have indeed received the Transformation program materials and read them prior to writing my review.

It drives me crazy that so many people online write “reviews” without bothering to read the books or materials they are purporting to review. They have opinions galore, but they don’t recognize the difference between an informed opinion and an uninformed opinion. For the record, they are miles apart.

The Total Transformation website does say that the surveys have to be mailed back. In this day and age, I would prefer the option of being able to complete everything online, but this doesn’t actually surprise me since many companies offering rebates still require consumers to mail in the paperwork the traditional way.

How Many Families Has The Total Transformation Program Helped

While I was updating this information, I also learned another interesting fact. When you read through the Total Transformation Reviews, you’ll come across an entry which mentions how many copies of the program they had sold up to that point, which at the time was 85,000 units. That was three years ago.

I just learned the amazing new numbers. They’ve now sold over 200,000 copies of The Total Transformation Program!

Doesn’t that just blow your mind? It must be very gratifying for everyone involved to know that they have had an impact on that many families over the years. As they continue to help many more parents with their children and teens, it will be interesting to that number increase even more in the future.