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If this is your first Total Transformation review entry, welcome to the series! Previous postings on the topic were introductory and covered first impressions of the Total Transformation Program course material. This entry starts getting into the detail of what is included in the program and my opinions, reactions, and analysis.

The Total Transformation package labels the first DVD in the folder as the Jump Start DVD. It has the founder of the program, James Lehman, talking about his background and his philosophy that guides his approach to the whole program.

There were also testimonials from parents and teens interspersed throughout the DVD. What I liked about those was that it shows parents that they aren’t alone in having problems in their homes or in the situations they are facing. I think it is very inspirational for parents to hear that they will soon be learning techniques that other parents have successfully used to overcome the issues.

As possible behavior problems are talked about, James Lehman mentions which lessons in the series will cover those issues. He does a good job of emphasizing that the point for parents to get this program is to learn parenting techniques that they don’t know in order to restore peace in their homes.

I’ll be getting into more specifics of the DVD in the next entry, but I wanted to end this post with one of the many quotable things that Lehman says during the DVD. He says that parents who keep using their current unsuccessful techniques need to learn new ones if they want to change their children’s behavior.

That is such an obvious statement, but how many parents take it to heart? They continue doing the same unsuccessful things and wish for a different outcome. That, as Lehman points out, is the “definition of insanity.” If you want a different result, it’s time to change how you handle your kids.

Start making the change now.

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