Total Transformation Review James Lehman Parenting Help

Real Help For Real-Life Parenting Problems

• How to stop any argument with your kid right in its tracks.
• How to defuse temper tantrums and show your child you
mean business.
• The 10 Words to Say When He Gets Mouthy – Slam the
brakes on ugly talk and disrespectful behavior once and for all.
• How to stop outbursts before they even start.
• How to get your child to take responsibility for his actions and
behave appropriately.
• How to get him to go to bed at night and wake up on time in
the morning.
• ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder and more – How to make a child
with a diagnosis behave.

Get all the details and learn the parenting techniques in the Total Transformation Program. Be sure to check out the current Total Transformation special offer from Legacy Publishing.

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