Total Transformation Review James Lehman Parent Training

The Total Transformation Program is often called “The Instruction Manual for Defiant Children.” That is a perfect way to sum up what the program is all about.

The Total Transformation Program, created by behavioral therapist James Lehman, offers practical, real world solutions for the most challenging problems parents face: defiance, disrespect, back talk, lying, cursing, lack of motivation, acting out in school and more.

In this step-by-step program, you’ll learn the techniques James has used in his private practice to help children take responsibility for their behavior and help parents get back in control of their homes. You’ll learn what to do and what to say to stop inappropriate behavior and get your child to listen and take accountability.

Do you want to utilize positive parenting techniques and put them into practice on a daily basis? Get the help you need from the experts who created the Total Transformation behavior modification program.

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