Total Transformation Review James Lehman Parent Ideas

This is some biographical information about James Lehman:

Once an out-of-control child himself, James Lehman has worked with behaviorally troubled youth & their parents for over 30 years.

In public schools, residential treatment centers, private schools and numerous outpatient and inpatient settings, James has developed an
approach to managing children and adolescents that challenges them to learn to solve social problems without hiding behind a façade
of disrespectful, obnoxious or abusive behavior.

James was abandoned at age two by parents who were unable to take care of him. After being adopted by the Lehman family, he began to exhibit oppositional behavior at home and in the classroom. Eventually, he quit school, left home and drifted into a life of substance
abuse and crime, which led to numerous prison sentences. After more than six years in various prisons and institutions, James participated in an accountability-based treatment program that he credits with saving his life.

The right set of parenting skills will make all the difference in the world when dealing with your children and any behavioral challenges that come up in the family.

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