Total Transformation Review James Lehman Parent Guide

How do different people use the Total Transformation Program in their different capacities of living with or working with children? Here’s a concise breakdown:

Parents: Restore parental authority, respect and peace in the home. Stop arguments, backtalk and abusive behavior. Establish parent/child communication that is respectful & effective.

Children and adolescents: Learn to solve problems without hiding behind a façade of defiant, obnoxious or abusive behavior. Understand accountability and accept responsibility for their actions.

Therapists and counselors: Reinforce the work parents are doing at home in counseling and therapy sessions. The Total Transformation Program aligns easily with other family therapy interventions.

Teachers: Reinforce pro-social behavior in the classroom to change students’ behaviors. Learn better ways of managing the disruptive behaviors encountered every day in the school setting.

There is a lot of parenting advice out there. How can parents decide what the correct advice is for their situation? The publishers of the Total Transformation Program also run a parenting support telephone hotline.

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