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These are some of the many topics that parents learn about when they go through the materials in the Total Transformation Program:

A Culture of Accountability – A practical way to get kids to stop blaming others for their problems and take responsibility for their behavior.

Disconnect – The words to say and steps to take to stop arguments and tantrums once they start…and before they start.

Consequences not “Punishment” – A unique approach to consequences that teaches and motivates children to change, and then gives them the actual steps to do so.

The Myth of Self-Esteem– False self-esteem leads to a sense of entitlement in children and does not promote behavioral change. The Total Transformation gives parents a way to promote genuine self-esteem through accomplishment in their children.

The Alternative Response – A problem-solving dialogue that helps children identify what triggers their inappropriate behavior and then choose a better behavioral strategy next time.

James Lehman and his wife Janet Lehman created the Total Transformation Program to help parents do a better job with behavior problem issues.

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