Total Transformation Review James Lehman Help For Parents

Here are some of of the topics covered in the Total Transformation Program:

16 Characteristics and Practices of Children with Disrespectful Behavior – Rather than seeing their child’s behavior as unmanageable emotion, parents can learn to “read” and understand it. A close up look at The Victim Stance, Uniqueness, One-Way Boundaries, False Apologies, The Turnaround and more.

7 Ineffective Parenting Styles – Bottomless Pockets, The Over-Negotiator, The Ticket Puncher, The Screamer, The Martyr, The Savior, The Perfectionist. An eye-opening yet non-judgmental approach that helps parents identify styles that are ine ective–and learn new roles that are effective in communicating with children and teens.

There’s No Excuse for Abuse – How to put a stop to a child’s physical and verbal abuse.

Find out the reasons that so many parents have found The Total Transfomation Program to be such a valuable resource for raising children.

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