The Total Transformation Review By Pediatrician

It’s been about eight months since I posted the first of my many reviews of different aspects of The Total Transformation Program by James Lehman. In fact, there are sixty of my own review entries available as of this writing.

I’m really excited to be bringing you someone’s else point of view on the Total Transformation Program by introducing another series of entries I just finished posting.

This analysis was completed and written by Dr. Patricia Quinn, a pediatrician who is the Director of the National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD. (Her analysis covers kids and teens of both genders.)

Dr. Quinn writes in easy to understand, everyday language so reading her review should be both enjoyable and informative.

Here are a few notes on the doctor’s analysis:

– Any links in the body of the reviews were added by me for readers’ convenience in accessing the Total Transformation website. There were no links in Dr. Quinn’s original analysis.

– Her analysis has been reproduced in its entirety. I have broken it up into 10 different blog entries for ease of reading.

– Blog entry titles were not part of the original. I broke up the paper in the same sections as she used in her original where she had broken it up into bold headed sections.

– Since this is a blog and entries appear in reverse chronological order, I had to be creative in actually posting the entries backwards in order for you to be able to read the paper correctly from beginning to end! When you read each entry down the page, that is the correct order – from introduction to reference list.

– It is reprinted with permission of Legacy Publishing.

Use the links below or on the side under the Categories section to begin accessing either set of reviews.

Dr. Patricia Quinn’s Total Transformation Review

My Total Transformation Review

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