Total Transformation Program

In the Jump Start DVD of the Total Transformation Program, creator James Lehman reveals that what the program teaches is no ivory tower theory. His tells the audience that his own son has ADD and that he has worked in his clinical practice with hundreds of kids and families. Therefore his work is based on real world experience.

Many parents don’t want to feel like they are “bad parents” who need help from some parenting program. Lehman covers an important point when he stresses that his program is not about good parents versus bad parents, but effective versus non-effective parenting skills. I think this is a good distinction that will help some people overcome the thought that admitting they need help handling their kids makes them “bad parents.”

The emphasis on “skills” is a good ones becomes it simply means that what parents need to know can be taught, learned, and practiced, just like skills in any other area of life.

Interestingly, there is also a discussion about kids learning skills they need to handle situations too without acting out with negative behavior. Lehman could not be more correct on that point. There are way too many kids who have no idea how to handle the everyday disappointments and challenges that we all face as a part of life. Teaching them the problem solving skills they need to deal with various situations is the right approach.

Learn these techniques from the experts.

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