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I hope the entries I’ve made thus far in Total Transformation Course review series have been helpful to anyone considering purchasing the materials for use in their own households.

Before I move on to lesson two, I want to write a couple final blog entries with overall observations of material in the first lesson.

There was one line that I liked and made a note about, although I don’t remember exactly where it fit in the material. When I was checking over the notes, I noticed it and decided it was too good not to mention.

James Lehman said that a kid has solved an anger problem (in the context of anger management issues, I believe) when has learned an alternate way to deal with a problem. I like the philosophy behind that statement. Throwing one’s hands up and shaking ones head in reference to kids with anger issues won’t help parents solve the problem, but approaching it from the point of view of teaching the kid a better way to handle the feelings and resulting behaviors seems like a much more sensible point of view to me.

Find out for yourself why this behavioral program is highly praised and why it stops defiance, backtalk, lying outbursts, cursing.

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