Total Transformation Parenting Review

The lessons in the Total Transformation program contain so much material that a review of each lesson and a reaction to its contents will take several blog entries. Be sure to check the Total Transformation Review link on the side as there are somewhere around fifteen or so related entries at this point.

I want to react in this entry to the statement and concept from the program that says, “Bad behavior is not caused by parents, despite what the kid or his excuse makers say.” That is a powerful and important statement. It goes right back to the idea and philosophy that all kids (and adults) need to be held accountable for their own behavior. The blaming of others is absurd.

How this applies to kids’ behavior is simple. When a kid throws a fit, he often says that it was the parent’s fault because the parent yelled at him, refused to let him go outside rather than doing his homework, said he couldn’t have an item at the store, etc. Smart kids have learned to manipulate their parents into believing that those excuses are acceptable reasons for the bad behavior.

Smarter parents learn that is absolute nonsense. Making kids accountable for their own bad behavior is the first step in dealing with it and changing it.

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