Total Transformation Course Review

As regular readers know, I have been doing a continuing, in-depth review of the Total Transformation course for improved parenting.

My review is very different from the usual online review that you see of products on various websites. It’s not just a simple paragraph or two on a shopping website or even one full-size article. It’s a step by step review of the course material as I read it. I’m not sitting down trying to devour it all at once and then write a high level overview the way I would be forced to do it if writing this review for a parenting magazine. Instead, I can take it at my own pace and really write a meaningful review that that gives parents a true idea of what they can expect if they purchase the program.

The reason for this particular entry is to share some information I found online the other day about the Total Transformation course while I was doing something else entirely. It was so interesting to happen upon information like this. Had I actually been looking for it, it would probably would have taken me longer to find it!

I learned that there have been some very high level awards and endorsements of the program from prominent groups, not to mention the fact that the company has sold 85,000 copies of the program (as of mid July 2007).

Dr. Patricia O. Quinn, MD, the Director of National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD has researched the program and found it beneficial. She was quoted as saying, ” Given the limited time available to clinicians to interact with patients and their parents, how can professionals teach parents to more effectively deal with their children with ADHD and ODD/CD and provide these services in a way that is both cost and time effective? An ‘at home’ training program like The Total Transformation Program seems ideal.” (This information comes from this site).

The National Association of Social Workers’ (NASW) awarded the program its “Stamp of Approval for Quality Continuing Education” and also approved it for six contact hours of continuing education for its members towards their licensure requirements. The National Parenting Center awarded its “Seal of Approval” to the course, a designation that ” identifies the finest products and services being marketed to the parent/child audience.” (This information comes from this site).

(Edit: I’ve now included the complete analysis written by Dr. Patricia Quinn here on this blog. It was reproduced with permission. See Dr. Quinn’s Total Transformation review.)

I’m glad to see that the I agree with the experts (or maybe the experts agree with me!) when it comes to evaluating the philosophy and utility of the Total Transformation Program. See the video testimonials from the Total Transformation website. (Just click on the link marked “results” when you get there.)

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