Time Marches On

This entry is one of a multi-part series. The previous entry was titled Price of Progress.

Headline: Why Is Service So Bad – The Hapless American Consumer
Graphic: Man trying to hold on to a counter/cliff while an employee refuses to help him
Date: February 21, 1986

Customer service is non-existent in this “service economy” of ours. If this was recognized twenty years ago, you would think a few smart business people would have figures out by now that offering good service would set their companies ahead of the crowd by miles.

Headline: Whatever Happened To Ethics
Graphic: A hand holding a compass with the points labeled as “right” and “wrong”
Date: May 25, 1987

What, indeed?

Headline: Iran Vs. The World
Graphic: Ayatullah Khomeini
Date: August 17, 1987

Somehow, the analysis always gets boiled down to an “us versus them” or even “the U.S. versus them” mentality rather than figuring out how every party involved in a political disagreement can come out of the situation saving face and walking away as a winner.

Headline: The Heat Is On – How The Earth’s Climate Is Changing
Graphic: Earth inside a greenhouse
Date: October 19, 1987

Headline: Torching The Amazon – Can The Rainforest Be Saved
Graphic: The jungle burning
Date: September 18, 1989

Not everyone is even convinced that global warming is actually happening so former Vice President Al Gore made the documentary An Inconvenient Truth, while some who acknowledge its existence don’t believe it will have any impact on us. Sounds like an issue that isn’t going to be solved anytime soon.

The series continues in History Repeats Itself.

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