Time Magazine Covers: Trip Down Memory Lane or Glimpse Into The Future?

People have written many things over the years about the distinctive covers produced by Time Magazine. Not only have individual covers become iconic, but the concept of the cover itself has become so.

Studying a group of Time covers in succession is really a lesson in history. In fact, one might say they are history itself since (with few exceptions of cover stories about something taking place a significant number of years prior to an issue’s publication) the cover stories were written as the events were happening.

I consider Time to be the news magazine of record. Therefore, the stories are a witness to history and often give the readers a firsthand account of the events that are covered within the publication’s pages.

Now, for the twist. So many cliché’s come to mind, which one to start with? (First, let me say that I vehemently disagree with every writing advice book on the planet that advises against the use of cliché’s. The reason a cliché becomes a cliché is because it succinctly and repeatedly illustrates a universal truth. Doing so is indeed the essence of good writing. Also, note how many clichés are used in headlines by editors of prominent newspapers, magazines and websites.)

Here’s the cliché (aka universal truth) – everything old is new again. That’s what I discovered when I studied the covers of Time Magazine. Read on to find out how: Inheriting The Earth From Our Parents

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