Throwing Temper Tantrums

I wrote the previous entry dealing with kids throwing temper tantrums. I mentioned the problem of unchecked behavioral fits in childhood leading to magnified issues in teens and adults. In this entry, I want to share some personal observations of outright temper tantrums that I’ve witnessed.

These go far beyond a child whining in a store and crying at the checkout line because the mother refuses to buy candy or a toy that the kid wants. However, I’m willing bet that in all the stories below, the people initially threw milder temper tantrums that were not handled properly by their parents. They later escalated into the kinds of behavior I witnessed below.

Throwing Tempter Tantrums At School

The first one goes back to school days. There was a kid in school who used to have temper outbursts when he got upset. I remember one incident that happened outside on the playground during recess.

I don’t recall now what set off the boy off on this particular day, but no doubt it was just a simple everyday childhood occurrence that should not set off some kind of behavioral fit.

Some kids think throwing temper tantrums is fun.

Wouldn’t you just love to deal with a temper tantrum like this?

He started screaming gesturing wildly. That led to hyperventilating and his yes rolling back in his head. That wasn’t even the most dramatic stage!

That came when he rolled around on the groung kicking and crying. The whole incident finally ended when he was literally carried off the playground in a heap into the school by several older boys from higher grades.

Do you think there is any way in the world that was his first ever temper tantrum or were there perhaps a few others before they got bad like that?

Throwing Temper Tantrums At Work

The second story is about a workplace tantrum. There was a disagreement about procedures in the department. The participants in the discussion happened to be standing. One of them started grunting and stamping his feet when the discussion was clearly not going his way.

One of the coworkers asked him later why he was stamping his feet like a little kid when he couldn’t get his own way. He looked right at her and answered honestly, “Because it has always worked when I do that.”

Adult Throwing Temper Tantrums

Adults throwing temper tantrums aren’t pretty to witness.

Lest you think it is only men or boys or who have these tempter tantrum fits, the last story features a woman. This is also a workplace incident. The woman was upset over something justifiably frustrating that happened.

She stood up from her desk and slammed the side of the computer. She knocked the chair over as she pushed it out of her way to leave the cubicle.

She punched the wall on her way to the door. She kicked the door open and then slammed it behind her. She didn’t return to her desk that day.

Nobody knew where she went, but I assume she went home. The best part? She actually came back to work the next day and continued to work there!

Seriously, if you are a parent, learn to control temper tantrums right now or someone may be writing stories like this about your kid when he or she is thirty years old.

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