Three Plusses And A Wish

You know how sometimes things that you haven’t thought of in years pop into your mind? That just happened as I was thinking of what I would write about for the next blog entry here.

I remembered a professor from college who would have the students evaluate our performance on an assignment by applying what she called “Three Plusses and a Wish.”

The point was that we would look at how the assignment or activity had gone and describe three things that went well or three things that we had done to bring the point of the lecture home and then one thing that we wish had gone better or that we could have improved upon. Of course, we couldn’t just list the plusses or the wish without explaining how we arrived at the conclusions that the item belonged on the list.

It was such a great way to look at an assignment because it really caused us to evaluate our own performance fairly and without any pressure. Technically, like so many things in college, there were no right answers, just conclusions and the ability to defend them intelligently.

Using this “Three Plusses and a Wish” philosophy could be applied other areas in life as well. It’s not limited to academics.

Parents, consider teaching your kids to implement this as a way of self-evaluation in regard to their own behaviors or assignments both in school and out of it.

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