Things Your Mother Said

Are there some fond sayings your mother or grandmother had or maybe some often repeated advice that comes to mind when you think back on your childhood?
These are not necessarily things my mother said, but it is a list of things that come to mind in general when I think of all the mothers I know.

Since it is winter in the US, the first one that comes to my mind is “Bundle Up!” whenever I think of kids going outside to play in the snow. Another related one would be “Don’t get your shoes wet or you’ll catch cold,” which is closely followed by, “Get yourself changed out of those wet clothes or you’re going to catch your death!”

Let’s not forget the fun saying, “Don’t let your face freeze that way,” when kids are pouting or making angry faces over something. Then there is the ubiquitous, “Wait until you have children someday, then you’ll find out…”

What is your favorite “mother saying?”

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