The More Things Change

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If you didn’t know that these stories were from the “past,” and I use the term loosely, you might think you were watching CNN Headline News live.

Here is a sampling of what I found.

Headline: A Fresh Start
Graphic: A smiling picture of Ronald Reagan with the promise of an interview stating “what he’ll do.”
Date: November 17, 1980

How many times have you heard politicians promise “a fresh start?” That year, it was with a Republican at the helm. In the last election it was the Democrats promising changes because they are overrunning the senate and the house. I also remember Bill Clinton’s Democratic fresh start in 1992 and the Republican’s fresh start Contract with America in 1994. These starts smell as fresh as a basket of rotten eggs.

It doesn’t matter who is in charge now, but you can bet in the next election cycle, you will be promised “a fresh start.”

Headline: Whodunit?
Graphic: Larry Hagman as JR Ewing from TV’s Dallas
Date: August 11, 1980

Headline: Cool Cops, Hot Show
Graphic: Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas of TV’s Miami Vice
Date: September 16, 1985

Dallas and Miami Vice are now out on DVD so you can relive those favorite episodes any time you like. 2006 Gave us the Miami Vice movie and the Dallas movie is in development.

Backstabbing, bitchslapping, and catching the bad guys will never go out of style.

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