The More They Stay The Same

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Headline: The Empire Strikes Back
Graphic: Darth Vader
Date: May 19, 1980

One of the most beloved movie franchises of all time and one of the most beloved/hated and lucrative movie characters of all time – what more can I say than congratulations George Lucas.

Star Wars will never be far from the public consciousness nor will they run out of merchandising contracts. (I still have some of my memorabilia from the 80’s!)

Headline: The Fitness Craze: America Shapes Up
Graphic: People in exercise gear
Date: November 2, 1981

You couldn’t possibly escape health and fitness news if you tried, which is ironic since you also couldn’t possibly escape news of Americans being obese if you tried.

Headline: Thinking the Unthinkable – Rising Fears of Nuclear War
Graphic: A mushroom cloud with an evil face in it
Date: March 29, 1982

Headline: Who Has The Bomb? The Nuclear Threat Is Spreading
Graphic: Nuclear warheads popping up all over the ground
Date: July 30, 1985

It’s rather scary that these issues are still plaguing us so many years later. We even have CBS hit Jericho, an excellent show about the aftermath of a nuclear attack to bring the warning message into our homes.

Headline: Royalty Versus The Press
Graphic: Princess Diana
Date: February 28, 1983

It’s tragic how prescient that headline actually was. Even today, Princess Diana’s sons and their personal lives are plastered all over the tabloids and infotainment programs.

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