The “I’ve Become My Parent” Entry

All parents warn their kids that it is only a matter of time before they emulate some aspect of their personality.

I remember when I was a kid giving my mother a hard time if she bought the wrong flavor of an item at the grocery store. I remember a specific conversation in which she had grabbed the wrong kind of ice cream. I said, “You know what you’re looking for. You see it on the shelf and then you pick it up. How can you get the wrong one?”

Her answer was, “I have so many things on my mind, even when I’m shopping. You’ll understand when you’re older.” I didn’t – until the other day.

You guessed it. I went to store. An expensive brand of ice cream was on sale. I scanned the shelves until I found the right one. The flavor? Premium chocolate with chocolate covered almonds mixed in. Perfect! I reached in the freezer and put it in the cart. I handled it again to put in on the register and a third time to put in the freezer at home. Later that night, I went for the ice cream. Imagine my surprise – it was cherry vanilla flavor! The horror! The disappointment! The outrage! How could this happen? How did I not notice ALL THREE TIMES I handled the carton that it was the wrong one?

No doubt when my mother hears of this story, she will just nod knowingly and perhaps throw in an overdue “I told you so.”

Does your mother owe you an I told you so? Send flowers and maybe she’ll skip it!

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