The Ice Cream Man

When you were a kid, did you have an ice cream truck go through your neighborhood every day in the summer ringing its bells and sending kids scrambling to beg their parents for change?

You may remember the one from your childhood as “The Good Humor Man” since the Good Humor company once had hundreds of trucks on the road. In Rhode Island, we knew the ice cream man (there must have been female drivers too, but I don’t remember ever seeing one in my neighborhood) as Peter Palagi because that’s the name of the company that served the area.
There is a picture of the trucks I remember on this page. (Sorry, the picture was taken down from the site that had it) I also remember the modern looking trucks so they must have been in transition as I was growing up.

I wonder how many of these roaming ice cream trucks (from any company) are still around today. I noticed one in an episode of Desperate Housewives and I still see them at events like carnivals and fairs.

Is there an ice cream truck making the rounds in your neighborhood this year?

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